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Your Children Benefit from NATURE STONE

Children can be notoriously hard on a house.  From grimy fingers to shoes covered with dirt, you know that if there is a way to make a home messy, kids will find a way.  All of the work it takes to keep your home clean can make you feel frustrated, too.  After all, do you want to have to do more cleaning or have more time for fun?  Installing a Nature Stone® floor in your garage, mud room or play areas can save you loads of time and money.  Read on to see how:

  • Quality, custom kid-proof flooring for play areas.  Even the most simple fruit drink can leave a stain behind.  With Nature Stone® Flooring, you won’t have to worry about clean up.  Cracker crumbs, popcorn, and spilled drinks – they can all be easily cleaned up without worrying about a permanent stain.
  • NATURE STONE floors are warm to the touch.  While you might think that a stone floor would be cold to the touch – much a like a tile floor – that simply isn’t the case.  Our beautiful floors adjust to ambient room temperatures so if your kids want to play on the floor, they will be able to easily.
  • No slipping means less bumps and bruises.  Having a non-skid floor in the garage, mud room and play areas means the floors your kids use the most will cause you the least amount of problems.  The textured surface even keeps wet feet from slipping and sliding.
  • Hydrostatic ports drain, so no more puddling.  Especially helpful in garages where wet sports equipment, cleats and boots tend to leave puddles everywhere, a NATURE STONE epoxy floor can virtually eliminate the puddling that tracks muck into your home.  Our hydrostatic port technology allows floors to drain down through small holes in the floor.
  • Fewer allergies.  The same hydrostatic ports that help your floor drain may also help with your child’s allergies.  Because mold and mildew can’t grow in our floors, the amount of allergens is less than other flooring surfaces.

There are lots of reasons to consider a Nature Stone® floor, but one of the best reasons is for your kids.  With an easy-to-clean surface, non-skid texture and fewer allergens, a Nature Stone® floor is a great way to decrease your cleaning time and protect your kids.

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