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How Much Does a Nature Stone Floor Cost?

This is the most common question we get about NATURE STONE®, and while we wish we could just hear the size of your space and give you a quote, it's just not possible.

Continue reading below to learn more about our pricing, or you can also schedule a free, no-hassle, in-home cost estimate now.

The 3 Factors That Determine Our Pricing

Oftentimes, our cost is comparable to the installation of a “good” quality tile or concrete replacement, but can vary (higher or lower) depending on the following variables.

1) Your space

  • The type of area to be done (garage, basement, patio, etc)
  • The size (square footage) of the area
  • The layout and access to the installation area. For example, a basement with narrow stairs that requires us to carry stones and other materials through the house can cost more than a basement that's easily accessible, or a garage that we can pull our truck right up to.

2) The Condition of Your Existing concrete

What kind of shape your existing floor is in and how level it is in its current condition is crucial in determining how much material (stones & epoxy) will be needed and how much work needs to be done:

  • Required preparation of existing concrete
  • Possible removal of damp, mildewed carpet, or moldy, peeling tile
  • Possible removal of failing or worn paints and other coatings
  • Surface deterioration, salt damage, and/or cracking
  • Condition and required treatment of expansion joints

Unfortunately even high-resolution photos or video will not allow us to truly assess these elements well enough to create an accurate estimate.

(Every now and then, we also find that the existing concrete is unstable and not suitable for Nature Stone. In those cases, the concrete should not be covered, but replaced.)

3) The Nature Stone flooring you choose

Many people don't realize that we have dozens of stone sizes, colors, and other options (like creating borders or pathways) to choose from.

No one stone fits all spaces correctly, and during your free in-home cost estimate, your salesperson will help you select the right stone for your area's existing lighting, wall colors, and the anticipated type and amount of traffic your floor will see.

Schedule Your Free in-home cost-estimate

Believe us, we wish a Nature Stone sale were as easy as buying a yard of carpet or a tile off the shelf as much as you do.

Hopefully now you can see why it's not that simple, and while we could possibly give some people a ballpark figure with a large batch of photos, we truly believe it is irresponsible to offer pricing without first knowing and understanding what is fully required to provide a proper install that will leave the customer thrilled with their purchase.

We are happy to schedule a free appointment with an authorized Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring professional who will provide you with a no obligation, low pressure presentation, site inspection, and accurate cost proposal. We have reps available days, evenings and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule.

Feel free to call us now at 855-758-9092 or schedule an appointment online via the button below.

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