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The Long Term Affordability of NATURE STONE


So many people assume that having a custom epoxy floor for a basement for a garage is out of their reach financially, when in reality, having a natural stone floor installed can save tons of money over the long term.

There are many reasons that a natural stone floor installed by the professionals at NATURE STONE can be a reasonable option for your home or office.  With an epoxy floor, there will never be a need to replace your floor again.  This is one of the main reasons that natural stone floors are so affordable.

Unlike other flooring surfaces, such as carpet and linoleum, epoxy flooring for basements will never show wear that will require the tedious process of removing the carpet, padding or tile and underlayment.  In fact, when you purchase carpet for your floor, the carpet itself may seem like a good deal, but by the time you add in the removal of old flooring, labor and padding, you may be spending the same amount of money as a NATURE STONE floor.

The decreased maintenance is another reason that in a true comparison, natural stone flooring for a basement, garage or laundry room is the best option over the long term.  NATURE STONE’s floors are easy to clean – a quick vacuum, sweep, mop or hosing off – is all that is required to keep your NATURE STONE floor looking like new.

Other flooring options are not as easy to maintain.  Wood floors can scratch and may need expensive, time-consuming refinishing after a few years.  Tile floors are notorious for stained grout.  Trying to restore grout may require hiring a professional who can come in and clean them and seal them which is not an inexpensive process.

As you can see, there is more to consider when thinking through the affordability of a flooring product than just the product itself.  NATURE STONE’s beautiful, durable floors are a one-time solution to literally any area of your home or office.  With virtually no maintenance and no in-depth cleaning or replacement needed, you can be sure that you’ll be saving money.

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