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Mission and Value Statement

From my father, I learned the undeviating steadiness of character and integrity and the significance of building a company of value. Over the passage of time, due to his influence, Nature Stone has become one of the most admired and respected companies in America.

Our product strengths come from Nature Stone’s patent-pending epoxy and our overwhelming commitment to workmanship and excellence. Our personal strengths come from principled moral and ethical behavior of all of our employees. I adopted the motto from the State of Ohio: “With God, All Things Are Possible” as a hallmark for our charitable donation program that donates a percentage of each Nature Stone sale to the customer’s charity of choice.

I make sure we begin each business day with a specially designed objective; assure every Nature Stone customer finds magic in their Nature Stone floor and is greeted warmly and treated respectfully from all of our employees. We are bound to an idealism that defines the delicate balance of not only a fully-satisfied customer but a company whose unchangeable resolution is based on the goals for which my father set in me.

At Nature Stone, we live to the beat of one heart. Our goal is to affect the beat of thousands of hearts.

Russell Masetta
Founder and Owner

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