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5 Trends for Your Child’s Playroom Design

If you are preparing to design a playroom in your home, you may be wondering where to begin. Should you give the room a design completely tailored to your child’s current likes and interests, or design a room that is more neutral? We suggest considering these five trends to help you fine tune your design.

Choose a timeless design. A playroom should be designed in a way that can grow with your children. The reality is, one day, a playroom may be repurposed as a guest bedroom or a recreation room. If you make your playroom too specific to your child’s interests or age, you will find yourself having to redesign your playroom every few years. While you can have some fun with color, a custom mural of your child’s favorite television show or movie may not be the best option for longevity. Instead, choose a design that will remain in style over time and furniture pieces that will still be able to be used after the playroom is repurposed.

Kids Playing in Nature Stone PlayroomProvide fun, comfortable seating. Give children seating that is both fun and comfortable. A popular choice is a pod, or a cushioned seat much like a bean bag, but more durable. Pods are fun for both playing and relaxing and reading. Providing this seating can encourage your children to rest and take breaks while playing.

Use bright wall colors. Bright colors encourage creativity and spark imagination. For example, a bold green or blue can be perfect for a playroom. Those colors would also work for a future bedroom or repurposed space.

Pick a durable flooring option. Carpet, while it may feel soft underfoot, can be ruined with just one spilled drink or snack. Instead, consider an alternative: stone epoxy flooring. This flooring option is easy to clean, will not be stained, and is comfortable for playing, even in bare feet.

Utilize creative storage. Built-in wall cubbies can be the perfect storage for a playroom. They are easily accessible by your children and can also be easily organized, keeping toys under control.

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