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Why Nature Stone Works in Demanding Environments

Some commercial and industrial environments, such as hotels, hospitals, or office buildings, experience hours and hours of heavy foot traffic each day. For example, a hotel will see hundreds of guests each day. These spaces that must withstand significantly high traffic will benefit from a durable stone epoxy flooring like Nature Stone. There are some characteristics of Nature Stone flooring that make it an ideal durable and strong flooring choice. They include:

Strength that exceeds concrete. Nature Stone flooring is ½ to ¾ inches thick to provide maximum strength and durability. It bonds permanently to the existing floor surface and can hold 9,000 pounds of weight per square inch. That is a strong floor!

Pores that allow concrete to breathe naturally. Nature Stone floor features hydrostatic port technology that lets moisture escape, rather than become trapped between your floor covering and the concrete below. This technology is why Nature Stone floors are perfect for wet, flood-prone areas.

Nature Stone Flooring Hotel LobbyReduction of tracked-in dirt and grime. There’s nothing worse for floor maintenance than wet, muddy shoes tracking across it, leaving remnants of dirt and grime. Luckily, with a Nature Stone floor, the amount of tracked-in dirt is significantly reduced. That means less time and effort devoted to keeping your flooring clean, particularly during winter months.

Long-lasting new appearance. Nature Stone flooring is designed to truly last a lifetime! If you choose this option, you will maintain a new, clean appearance in your retail store or hotel lobby for years to come, with very little maintenance involved. If you want to restore your floor’s natural shine, pick up a topcoat kit.

Safe and slip-resistant. Our floors are the safest choice for your employees and customers. You can trust that your Nature Stone floor provides unique traction, making it less likely that someone will trip and fall.


Are you looking for a durable, strong floor for your commercial environment? Give us a call today or stop by one of our showrooms to learn more about Nature Stone epoxy flooring. Call now!

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