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NATURE STONE Flooring Description


Exclusive System

NATURE STONE is proud to be the leader in the stone and epoxy flooring industry. Thanks to our great customers, we have become the largest stone and epoxy flooring company of its kind in the U.S.A. As a consumer and end user of stone and epoxy flooring, we want you to be knowledgeable about our exceptional floor covering system.

A Unique Floor Covering System

NATURE STONE flooring is an unequaled blend of stones from nature and specially formulated epoxy that is expertly hand troweled to create a seamless, slip-resistant floor covering surface. The result is a showroom quality floor. Our topcoat adds a shiny, diamond-like finish, which enhances the beauty and the natural color of stones that will last for a lifetime.

NATURE STONE is a unique floor covering system that is durable, long-lasting and stain resistant.

NATURE STONE covers unsightly concrete and its thickness can be adjusted up or down to correct uneven concrete floors.

NATURE STONE flooring is a porous product that allows moisture/ dampness to pass through the matrix eliminating puddling and leaving the surface safe, clean and dry. Water, hydrostatic pressure, even flooding will not harm a NATURE STONE® floor covering.


Epoxy Formula

NATURE STONE flooring is a blend of specially formulated, high-quality 100% resin. Unlike other stone epoxy products, NATURE STONE does not add solvents to dilute the epoxy or cut cost in any way. NATURE STONE epoxy is pre-measured in units to guarantee consistent quality, proper performance, to ensure UV resistance, and to provide gloss retention, adhesion, strength and proper curing of your epoxy flooring. The quality and amount of the epoxy is crucial to produce a superior product.

NATURE STONE is consistently striving to improve our floor covering products and provide our customers with an unparalleled stone and epoxy flooring. We continue to make a substantial investment in research and development in our effort to offer superior stone and epoxy flooring materials and installation processes to our customers.

Type of Stone

NATURE STONE Aggregate: Just as important as the epoxy is the size, type and cut of the stone being used. NATURE STONE selects and offers the best stones for our stone flooring system. The stone type, whether small or large, flat cut or rounded, a river stone, or a marble or quartz stone, will determine the proper ratio of stone mix to the amount of epoxy required for maximum performance.

Proper Stone-to-Epoxy Mix Ratio

The NATURE STONE mix ratio was developed to ensure the proper amount of stone to epoxy unit. The mix ratio can vary from 100-lbs. to 250-lbs. of stone to epoxy depending on the type of stone. The cost of materials can vary dramatically depending on the mix ratio.

NATURE STONE floor covering is typically installed 1/2" to 3/4" thick for maximum strength and durability. Our proven mix stone and epoxy mix ratio and application is designed to provide:

  • Proper compressive strength (PSI).
  • Proper “flow through” to self-prime and guarantee maximum adhesion to concrete.
  • Proper stone-to-stone binding/adhesion
  • Proper amount of hydrostatic ports (to relieve pressure and allow air circulation)


Protective Topcoat: Our Exclusive Stone and Epoxy Flooring System is top-coated with a non-yellowing, protective topcoat. It has been proven that this topcoat provides longer gloss retention, protection from UV exposure and wear, ease of cleaning and lower maintenance costs over the years.

NATURE STONE Flooring Exclusive Expansion Strips

Our specially designed NATURE STONE flooring expansion strips are unique to NATURE STONE and were developed by and manufactured exclusively for NATURE STONE. Used in appropriate areas, they work with the concrete floor expansion and control joints to dramatically reduce the risk of stress cracks in your basement or garage floor.

NATURE STONE uses 40 different types of stones that can be combined to create a wide range of exotic colors such as Alabama Rainbow, Razorback Red, and White Rose Marble. Borders can be created from a different shade of stone for a dynamic look.

NATURE STONE can also be used to create special designs such as a monogram, fleur-de-lis, or even a logo inlaid into your floor.

Features of NATURE STONE Flooring

  • NATURE STONE flooring corrects unevenness, cracks and other problems in concrete floors.
  • NATURE STONE flooring is durable, long-lasting, and stain- and salt- resistant.
  • NATURE STONE has a superior insulation rating (R-value), 2-3 times that of carpeting.
  • NATURE STONE flooring permanently bonds to concrete.
  • NATURE STONE flooring hydrostatic ports allow water to penetrate through eliminating “puddling” and keeping the floor dry and safe to walk on.
  • NATURE STONE resists buckling and cracking, unlike concrete.
  • NATURE STONE flooring withstands severe weather because of its unusually strong epoxy and because it allows expansion and contraction with the seasons.
  • NATURE STONE flooring can support heavy loads of up to 9,000 PSI.

There Is Only One NATURE STONE Flooring

There are many imitation epoxy flooring formulations available on the market. Some are very inexpensive while others can be very costly. Obviously, the cost and subsequent quality can greatly affect the performance of the stone flooring in areas such as gloss, clarity, UV resistance and discoloration. Also as important is the amount of epoxy used vs. the type of stone. If proper mix ratios are not used (i.e., using more stone and less epoxy), the strength, adhesion and overall performance of the stone flooring can greatly suffer.

The surface preparation, thickness, and protective topcoat will also affect long-term performance and initial cost of the garage, basement, outdoor or commercial stone flooring. Eliminating or diluting any one of these factors can result in much lower costs. However, this will ultimately result in poor performance, a short life span of the product and costly, continuous repairs or maintenance.

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