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Stone Flooring is Ideal for High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas can be nothing short of a challenge for businesses. While there are many flooring options on the market, not all of them are appropriate for areas that see more than their fair share of foot traffic. One option that offers durability and easy maintenance for service personnel is an epoxy stone floor.

Hallways can be a particular challenge for enterprise flooring. With all of the traffic being forced through a small area, the center of a hallway usually shows wear earlier than many other areas of an office space. While individual offices may only see foot traffic from a small amount of people, hallways see traffic that can encompass the entire company. For that reason, carpet can be only aHigh Traffic Environment short lived solution.

Hotel lobbies suffer from much the same challenges. While the amount of people traveling throughout a hotel can be staggering, the one place that nearly every guest seeks out is the hotel lobby. Whether they are checking in or out, flooring can be nothing short of impossible to maintain in these areas, being exposed to contaminants from the outdoors as well as just the wear and tear on the floor itself.

Vehicle showrooms also deal with flooring issues. Moving cars in and out of a showroom in all types of weather as well as customers entering and exiting can cause the floor to look dingy and drab. While many showrooms have relented and only use a smooth finished concrete floor to deal with the flooring challenges, it does nothing to highlight the quality or design of your vehicles.

Locker rooms in fitness facilities are known for high traffic patterns. With exercisers coming in and out from workouts, wet clothes and towels on the floor and the need for a non-skid surface, many fitness clubs choose carpet. Unfortunately, carpet can harbor the dampness from wet clothes, towels and shoes and can cause unsightly staining and wear.

Pool areas, by their very nature, not only deal with large amounts of traffic, but also need a non-skid surface that is easy to maintain. Many pool designers recommend concrete, but it can crack and can be slippery when wet.

All of these applications require a better solution. A custom epoxy stone floor by NATURE STONE provides an easy to maintain, beautiful and durable surface that deals with high-traffic like no other. Made from a combination of river stone and a proprietary blend of epoxy, NATURE STONE’s hydrostatic ports allow moisture to evaporate and prevent puddling. Maintenance is as easy as a quick sweep, mop or hosing.

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