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Commercial Enterprise Benefit From Stone Flooring

The custom epoxy stone floors offered by NATURE STONE are much more than just a residential treatment. Comprised of a unique blend of beautiful stone and a specific formula of epoxy, NATURE STONE floors offer a durable flooring option for commercial enterprises of many kinds. Here are just a few of the businesses that can benefit from a permanent flooring solution:

Hotels. With a tremendous amount of foot traffic in the reception areas around the check-in desk, hotel operators are always looking for a way to beautify and maintain their flooring. Epoxy stone flooring is an ideal way to provide a non-skid surface near entry doors and limit the costs of maintenance over the long term.

Restaurants. From wet shoes to food spills, restaurant floors can be some of the hardest working in the business world. Food service industry specialists know that durable flooring that matches the aesthetic needs of the establishment is a tall order. NATURE STONE’s epoxy stone flooring is not only beautiful, but it is easy to maintain, can be quickly swept free of crumbs or can be mopped, and offers a non-skid surface for servers and guests.

Healthcare. Moving patients from waiting rooms into exam rooms creates a ton of foot traffic that can wreak havoc on carpet. Stone flooring is a great way to provide a safe, sturdy surface for patients and medical staff to walk on, while offering a calming, natural product. NATURE STONE’s floors can be mopped to maintain cleanliness and is always sealed with a topcoat for additional durability.

Automotive dealers. Bringing new vehicles in from the outdoors can wreak havoc on the flooring of car dealerships. Epoxy stone flooring’s natural beauty not only will set off the vehicles you have chosen to showcase, but will provide a non-slip surface for customers and service technicians.

Office buildings. Putting carpeting in an office building may seem like a good solution, but with any traffic at all, you will discover that no matter the quality, wear can be an issue. An epoxy stone floor provides a beautiful, durable surface for employees who are traveling through offices or into elevators.

For commercial enterprises that are looking for an alternative to carpet or tile that is beautiful and durable, epoxy stone flooring offers custom designs and easy maintenance. From restaurants to healthcare facilities and car dealerships, NATURE STONE’s custom floors reduce long-term flooring costs and add functionality.

Commercial Environments with NATURE STONE Flooring

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