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Commercial and Industrial Applications for Epoxy Stone Floors

Commercial and industrial businesses have particular requirements that make them cautious about buying flooring.  Wear patterns and cleanability are major issues that need to be dealt with prior to the purchase of flooring.  If your company is looking for a flooring option that will withstand the rigors of business environments, then consider an epoxy stone floor.  NATURE STONE’s commercial epoxy floors are the finest floors on the market, known for their beauty and durability.  Here are just a few environments that are ideal for these durable floors:

  • Businesses with high traffic areas.  For businesses that have high traffic areas, NATURE STONE flooring is ideal.  From hotel lobbies to office buildings, the daily foot traffic will not affect the floor at all.  In fact, your maintenance staff will be amazed at how easy it is to take care of the floor.  A simple sweeping or mopping is all of the effort needed to keep it looking like brand new.
  • Restaurants.  Leg fatigue is a major issue for food service workers.  NATURE STONE’s commercial flooring company offers a non-skid flooring option that offers decreased leg fatigue to servers as well as a trendy, easy care design option.  When your servers are feeling well, their service is better, which means happier customers.  A NATURE STONE floor is one of the best ways to care for your employees.
  • Medical offices.  For medical applications, concerns over wear patterns, slippery flooring and cleanliness can all be issues.  While many medical practices lean toward linoleum, vinyl tile products can harbor mold and mildew under their surfaces which isn’t the healthiest option particularly for patients with respiratory issues.  Commercial epoxy floors not only can be cleaned easily with hospital grade solutions, but they also don’t harbor mold or mildew with hydrostatic port technology.
  • Commercial garages.  Oil spills, water and slush are just a few of the elements that a commercial garage floor may see on a daily basis.  Whether for a hallway, break room, lobby or even a workspace, epoxy stone floors are tough enough to withstand the most challenging environments.

Epoxy stone floors are clearly the best choice for commercial and industrial applications.  With an easy to maintain flooring option and no chance of developing a wear pattern, this non-skid floor will add beauty and durability to your business.

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