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    I wanted to send you and the entire Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring family this note.  First off, thank you for accepting me into the Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring family. After seeing first-hand the dedication and pride that Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring represents, I feel lucky to be a part of it.  Knowing there’s a team of great people behind me has given me the confidence to succeed with this product. I look forward to expanding the name, the quality, and the service you all represent.  Again thank you for this opportunity I’m excited to get the ball rolling and very eager to make Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring the best available product in my area.


    West Chester, PA

    Good Morning NATURE STONE,

    I would like to take just a few moments of your time to tell you how much I LOVED attending your dealership program with Ryan. Everyone we met was so genuinely nice and seemed happy to see us (even your customers). Frank did not even bat an eye when I told him I wanted to trowel and mix. He took his time with each one of us giving us constructive criticism on how to “eye down” and pointing out how different the stones look if enough pressure is not used compared to when you do. The whole experience for me was fun, exciting, in a nut shell…. wonderful! I don’t know if I am more excited to sell my first floor or install it :). It was such a pleasure to meet everyone!! Your family is absolutely beautiful!!! Again thank you for everything you taught us!!!

    Auburn Hills, MI

    Hey Mike,

    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to become a dealer for your product.  The first job I completed was 680 sq. ft. and we got it done in a day with three of us. Whether that is good or not, I am not sure, but it was a great experience for my first job.  Here are some photos that I had taken.  Oh, we mixed about a coffee can of the black stone at a time and it turned out really good.  Once again, thanks for everything and I hope to be doing a lot more business with you.


    Burgettstown, PA


    I can’t say enough good things about Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring’s Licensed Dealer program. The sales training I received and the marketing support are second to none…absolutely fantastic and has really paid off. I can tell you that no other dealer program comes close to what Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring provides its new dealers.

    Regina, SK

    NATURE STONE Dealership ProgramMr. Masetta-

    The training I received was exceptional. NATURE STONE just doesn’t train you…they TEACH YOU how to be successful with the product. The quality of the marketing materials and support is absolutely exceptional.

    Zionsville, PA


    Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring was to be an add-on product to my home building business but has quickly become a major income-producer. There just isn’t anything else like it for resurfacing an existing concrete floor…not patching, not painting, nothing!  Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring is in a category all its own.

    Spring Arbor, MI

    Hello, Mike-

    I liked the no fee to become a dealer and really like the marketing materials, training and technical support. This product is unique in my market and the fact that it was developed in and is used in cold climates is reassuring to my customers.

    Portage, MI

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