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    High Traffic Commercial Flooring

    6 Reasons to Choose NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring

    1. Proprietary epoxy and specially selected river stones

    • Specially formulated, patent-pending epoxy engineered specifically for stone and epoxy flooring and used exclusively by Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring is the heart and soul of quality epoxy stone flooring
    • A blend of only the finest natural stones selected from around the country in a variety of colors.

    2. Engineered for extreme durability, beauty and longevity

    • Proven stone-to-epoxy ratio (based on size and shape of stones) creates exceptional strength, durability and inherent product benefits. High traffic commercial flooring can NATURE STONE Commercial Indoor Flooringwithstand up to 9,000 PSI.
    • Specifically engineered HYDROSTATIC PORTS℠ Technology in the applied stone and epoxy relieve hydrostatic pressure, allow air circulation, water evaporation, and allows for natural water runoff… and no standing water.

    3. Installs directly over existing concrete

    • Only Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand epoxy stone flooring insists upon a visual inspection of the existing concrete to assure suitability of a stone and epoxy floor installation.
    • Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring will prepare the existing concrete floor to assure maximum bonding of the epoxy to existing concrete floor.
    • Will cover defects, cracks, stains and uneven concrete floors with the proper installation techniques developed by Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring.

    4. Long-lasting beauty and a one-of-a-kind topcoat finish

    • A proprietary, super tough topcoat assures a long-lasting, beautiful appearance.
    • Available in a wide range of color choices, including customized stone mixes to match most any décor or decorating plan.
    • Create a unique look to your high traffic commercial flooring with patterns, borders, inlays, designs and even company logos

    5. Easy to maintain, one-time investment

    • Virtually maintenance-free, with no interruption to daily traffic
    • Cleans easily with a broom, vacuum, hose, pressure washer or damp mop
    • Only periodic cleaning and maintenance necessary
    • Epoxy stone flooring withstands moderate to severe temperature changes

    6. Reduces potential liability risks

    • Covers up cracks or uneven concrete
    • Slip resistant
    • Eliminates puddles
    • Safer and more comfortable for your feet
    • Does not crack or chip

    Best Flooring For High Traffic Areas

    Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring is ideal for many concrete floors in commercial and industrial buildings. In fact, NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring is the best flooring for high traffic areas like hallways, entryways, lobbies, and public gathering areas because of its high strength and durability. Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring is designed to be applied directly over existing concrete and will cover stains, discoloration and most cracks and uneven areas. In addition to floor performance characteristics, NATURE STONE® Brand epoxy stone Flooring requires very little maintenance, adding to its unique character and appeal.